Round of 16 matches & predictions


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#1: Sat, June 26 Wales 0-4 Denmark
#2: Sat, June 26 Italy 0-0 Austria (2-1 AET)
#3: Sun, June 27 18:00 Netherlands 0-2 Czech Republic
#4: Sun, June 27 21:00 Belgium 1-0 Portugal
#5: Mon, June 28 18:00 Croatia 3-5 Spain
#6: Mon, June 28 21:00 France 3-3 Switzerland (3-3 AET) 4-5 Penalties
#7: Tues, June 29 18:00 England 2-0 Germany
#8: Tues, June 29 21:00 Sweden 1-1 Ukraine (1-2 AET)


Through to Quarter Final

#1 Denmark

#2 Italy

#3 Czech Republic

#4 Belgium

#5 Spain

#6 Switzerland

#7 England

#8 Ukraine 

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  • Steven P. pinned this topic

Some entertaining football today, didn't go as I expected.



Netherlands 0-2 Czech Republic
Belgium 1-0 Portugal

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Switzerland through winning 5-4 on penalties after a 3-3 draw with France. Mbappe missed the crucial penalty. What a great match!

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Damn I don't dare to predict this, but I hope England win 1-0 in normal time. It is half time and both sides look like they could score.

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Not that I give two hoots, but I'm guessing from a shout somewhere down the street that either England just scored or I need to phone the police about a murder?

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Apparently it's become a killing spree, or a stranger thing has happened and England have scored again?

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Well that was a tough match between Sweden and Ukraine, it looked like it could go either way, but Ukraine won it in injury time of extra time.

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      Sunday, 11 July
      21:00 CET (Wembley Stadium, London)
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