Issues with Windows boot menu.


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I currently have three drives in my machine.


  • C: Windows 10 personal
  • D: Storage drive
  • E: Windows 10 work


I needed a separate install for my work, I added a spare drive for it and installed another copy of Windows 10 on it.


This all seemed to work with no problems. I got a boot menu with both Windows installs to choose from and could log into both with no problems.


I then decided to use Linux for my work system, I installed it over the top of the E Windows install.


When I boot the machine, I get shown GRUB with the options to start Linux or Windows, if I choose Linux it boots up fine. If I choose Windows, I get shown this screen,




The only way I can do anything is by pressing F9 which then shows this screen 





Where I can choose the Windows 10 option to get into my personal Windows install.


How would I go about fixing this so that when I select Windows from GRUB I just get taken straight into the only Windows install I have?


I've tried repairing the Windows install using the USB install drive I have but it didn't seem to do anything.

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Sounds like the GRUB bootloader points to the wrong place for the Windows entry. I would try using the GRUB-Customizer from within Linux.

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