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Looks like everyone is getting into the "lets follow napster into the downloadable music game".

So we have the following companies...

- MP3 and Pressplay, along with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, with MSN using it's subscription service.

- MusicNet which will encompass AOL Time Warner (Warner Music Group, Bertelsmann AG, and EMI), with AOL and Real networks

- Napsters and it's up and coming service.

MP3.com said today that it has reached a key deal to provide its technology to deliver music online via a subscription service started by two of the world's largest record labels, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

Pressplay, the two record labels' answer to the controversial Napster song-sharing service, plans to use MP3.com's media delivery and subscription management technology for its service, which is slated to launch this summer.

MP3.com, which is being bought by Universal Music parent Vivendi Universal for $372 million, will in turn use the Pressplay service in its music download Web site.

The five largest record companies have been lining up to offer music subscription services to fill the vacuum left by Napster, the service that once allowed Internet users to download music files from other people's computers free and often without the permission of the artists, labels and publishers.

Read more @ CBS MarketWatch

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I heard the dutch Kazaa is thinking of going in the same direction as Napster.

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KaZaA is nice.. but I never download its program.. I always search from its web, clear cookies, and search again :D

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