Rx 470 Short Circuit


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So, I was playing shadow of the tomb raider last night (I`m not a massive gamer, just casual now and then) when my system just completely shut down!  At first i thought it was the PSU as when I tried turning it back on the fan would start a fraction then nothing.


I had a spare PSU knocking about so swapped it out...same thing! Next I took the graphics card out and put a real old one in and the system booted fine and is working fine right now.


Did some testing on the GPU and found that crossing any of the power pins would show a dead short. Now the bottom 3  (on the right as you`re looking at it from inside the case) should be the 12v and the remaining 5 ground, crossing any showed a dead short/buzzed on the multimeter.


I thought no probs, I`ll just pick up a new card of Ebay or somewhere...what 😮 I`d seen many times that new cards were in short supply and pricing was high but even a secong hand RX470 was near £200 and that`s with no guarantee, new half decent cards are either not in stock or ridiculously priced. Now I`m not a tight arse, I just don`t like feeling like I`m being ripped off, like mentioned I`m not a massive gamer (getting old) and don`t need to play the latest games on super duper ultra high, I just do it now and then in phases...


I like tinckering and have fixed many a TV with blown caps, etc, so thought I`d have a bash at fixing it.


Back to the card. After doing some research on short circuits on various cards it would seem a good place start looking for the short is in/on the mosfets, of which there seems to be 4 which power the VRAM. Can these be tested in situ or do I need to remove them from the board to test for a short?


Also any other tips from anyone who`s tried this (diagnosing a short on a GPU). The card is knackered anyway, so I can`t make it any worse with a bit of brute force and ignorance, maybe I`ll learn a bit on the way...


Cheers all,


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Is it still under warranty? RMA it.


Also what GFX card and PSU do you have? I know this shouldn't matter, but..

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It`s a Shappire Nitro RX470 and the power supply is an 850W Silver . Out of warranty by about 6 months :(


I just tried the board/GPU in another spare box (in the dark) with a 650W PSU to see if I could see any sparks/signs of where it was shorting, but nothing, it did exactly the same and the short circuit protection in the PSU kicked in.


Think I`ll start removing the mosfets one at a time and see if that clears anything...

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Manufacturers may replace an item that has failed catastrophically like this even after the warranty has expired.


Before attempting to repair it, check with the manufacturer to see if they may be willing to offer you an RMA as a goodwill gesture.




Aryeh Goretsky


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