vPro or no vPro?


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I'm looking into customizing a Thinkpad Nano and was wondering if the vPro is really worth the extra $260 associated with it? What does it do exactly?

I plan on keeping it for 5+ years, I won't allow anyone to remote connect to it for troubleshoot.

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Intel vPro is basically a suite of remote management tools implemented in a device's firmware.  It is pretty useful for IT administrators who have larger fleets of computers to manage, but may be harder to justify in a small office or home environment.


One thing I have noticed with some vPro-equipped systems is that their CPUs tend to be a little faster than their non-vPro brethren.  Not necessarily by a huge amount (100-200MHz, typically) but maybe 5% or so.  That means in addition to the vPro feature set you are getting a slightly faster CPU. Whether or not that translate into any real-world benefit is entirely something you need to decide.




Aryeh Goretsky


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