PSA : How to prevent your Facebook account from being cloned!


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I would like to talk about having your Facebook account cloned.


If someone gets “Another" friend request from you, remember that they can not friend an account that they are already friends with.


If a Facebook friend says that you sent them a Friend Request, it was NOT from your Facebook account because you both are already friends. You were not hacked, you were cloned.


Someone went to your profile, saw that your friend's list was public, and created a brand new Facebook account using your name.


Then they go to your profile, steal your profile photo and add it to their new account.


Next, they go back to your public friend's list and start sending out new friend requests. The solution?


Make your Friends List private, visible to only you or your friends.


Keep in mind, if you were to accidentally friend a cloned account, they are now your "Friend" and can see all of your friends.


Personally, I keep mine set to "Only you" for this reason.


How do you resolve this issue?


Facebook on the Web


1) Open your Facebook profile on your desktop or laptop

2) In the top right, click the little down arrow (to the right of the notifications button) and select “Settings & Privacy” and then “Settings”

3) On the left side click “Privacy”

4) On the right side scroll down to the section “How People Find and Contact You”

5) Under “Who can see your friends list" click edit and drop down the list of options and select “Only Me” or “Friends”


Facebook App


1) Open the Facebook app

2) Tap the 3 lined button called “Menu” in the bottom right

3) Scroll down and tap “Settings and privacy” then tap "settings"

4) Scroll all the way down to the section “Audience and visibility” and tap “How people find and contact you”

5) Now Tap “Who can see your friends list” and set it to “Only Me” or Friends”

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This is not all universally true.  I deleted my first FB account and made a new one, but I guess I must've re-engaged my first one somehow.

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