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Hello Too all,,,   It's been awhile sinces I've been here.  About 10 + years.  My friend who told me about this site back when I was just learning about computers.  And that was back in the later 1990.  WOW!!!  I'm really old now..  He told me to come here if I could not reach him, and ask.  And people here helped me so much.  My life has changed a lot,,, and I do mean a lot. I've built 3 system and I'm working right now to build my 4th. And I'll be giving this one to my brother. Who has never bought or built a system.  My friend who has looked after me, showed me, helped me too build, and been there for me. He is having problem with his eye site.  He is now blind in one eye, with very bad problems with the other.  But, his never quit attitude is big.  So..... I'll be checking in more offen to see what's going on. An ask some questions.  It never hurts to ask...  Thanks..     Oh!! I just resently  got a new mouse..  I use to have a Microsoft Intellimouse. It was great, I loved it.  (still have it sitting on top of my tower)  I upgraded to the Microsoft Pro Intellimouse – Dark Shadow.  The newest replacement.  It's sweet. I would say, get one as soon as you can. 


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Wassup. Nice to have you back in the saddle. Welcome back to Fantasy Island.

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