DVBLogic TVMosaic Becomes Open Source under the name TVMosaic CE


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The popular 'build your own' IP TV Streaming Service for Windows, Mac, Linux and a myriad of NAS appliances, TVMosaic (formerly DVBLink) has just started the process of being released as Open Source software. DVBLogic, the company behind TVMosaic closed their doors at the start of the pandemic, leaving many in the user community wondering what would happen next. After lengthy discussions with licensees and following many appeals from the user community not to let the product die. The former team from DVBLogic have begun to release the source code of TV Mosaic Server to the public, in an open source format via GitLab.


Parts of the TV Mosaic programme were licensed intellectual property from third part providers. These include support for DLNA device streaming, driver support for the TV Mosaic TVButler Tuners on non-Windows platforms and their annual subscription services for international TV listings data. While these features have been engineered out of the new open source version, most of the feature will remain, including over the air TV listings, XML TV listing import and support for Android, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV amongst the familiar web interface, Kodi integration and IP based TV recording features.


The source code for TVMosaic's Server component has now been released to the public as TVMosaic CE (Community Edition) by creators Pavlo Barvinko and Daniel Schulz, who should be credited for giving the wide user-base of TVMosaic the opportunity to continue to run their own on-premise IPTV sharing services using DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-C2 as well as analogue and component sources.

At the current time, only the TVMosaic Server are available via the GitLab page, however the team promise that the Android, iOS and Apple TV source code will be released in the coming days and weeks.


View: TVMosaic @ GitLiab



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