EVGA Precision X1 - VF Curve Tuner - Not Working GTX 970s SLi


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So I'm trying to run the VF Curve Tuner that is built into EVGA Precision X1 but nothing happens when I click to start. No pop-ups, no errors, and no progress. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, running as administrator, and everything else I can think of or find with Google. 


Any ideas on this? I'm hitting a brick wall here.


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From the download page ... doesn't appear your GPU(s) are supported?


System Requirements

Supports GeForce RTX, Geforce GTX 16 Series, and GeForce GTX 10 Series Graphics Cards




Maybe this one will work?




I'm not familiar with this software.

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That is a total possibility. I honestly never thought of that. I just assumed it would work since EVGA hardware and software mix. That's in my head though. Thanks for the link to the other app. This one seems to be working just fine!

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