Different temperatures displaying AI Suite 3


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I run a Asus Z87M-plus with a i7 4790k and I am not sure which AI Suite version to use.

According to ASUS product homepage (which has info from 2015) AI Suite version 1 can be downloaded.

However, there is now a version 3 of AI Suite 3 which I downloaded and it looks to be working fine. It has many more functions than version 1 and one thing I noticed is that the temperature differs.

When I use version 1, the CPU temperature that displays is 35 celcius degrees.

When I use version 3, the CPU temperature that displays is 32 celcius degrees.

Do you guys think that both versions are suitable for my CPU/Motherboard?

Can the reason why I get different temperatures for both versions be that the newer version has settings that make my CPU cooler?

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The older version may simply be less optimized and using more CPU than it should.


You should almost always use the newer versions if you must use OEM tools.

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Different versions can have a different sensor points. You're CPU isn't just at one temperature everywhere. BUT as long as you aren't seeing drastic temperature differences, I wouldn't worry about it.

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Because this software is so specialized for ASUS' use, it may be that you need to contact their support and ask them about the 3°C discrepancy.  While three degrees does not sound like a huge difference, it is actually a 9% difference between the two values, which does not sound like an acceptable range of deviation to me—I would expect 1% or less. 




Aryeh Goretsky


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