Windows 11 - unread Teams message?


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I did a clean install of Windows 11 shortly after release. From the very beginning I have a supposedly unread Teams message notification which doesn't go away no matter what I do. Obviously, I have no unread messages, I've tried marking all conversations as unread/read, etc - no joy.


1st world problems, but still annoys me. Any ideas how to remove this badge notification?



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teams in general has terrible notification support, even on the non-11 client. doesn't really surprise me it's glitching out like that.


half the time at work I'll get a notification for a message several minutes later than the message itself and things like that. and half the time viewing the message doesn't clear the notification/badge, I have to sit on the Activity tab for a few seconds then it clears so give that a shot.

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Could you have some kind of pending friend/buddy/colleague request?  If so, perhaps that is showing up as an unread chat message, but is dealt with elsewhere in the user interface.




Aryeh Goretsky


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