Old white dude pacing in front of United Nations with shotgun pointed at himself


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On 02/12/2021 at 18:15, Steven P. said:

Live feed, because he is still alive meanwhile police have added reinforcements and are still trying to get him to surrender



Reinforcements? For ONE MAN with a shotgun?  Good grief... :no: 

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A man with a shotgun and a manifesto about the environment was arrested Thursday after he threatened to kill himself during a three hour standoff in front of the United Nations, police said.


Cops were called to First Ave. near 41st St. about 10:30 a.m. after repeated sightings of the man standing in front of the UN with a shotgun.


The white-haired man, wearing a red long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans, was pacing back and forth with the weapon under his chin, complaining about the environment and problems with his family.


There was an unattended plastic bag near him, prompting a response by the NYPD Bomb Squad, but the bag was full of clothes, police sources said. A bottle of water and a bullhorn were on a ledge behind the man, police said.



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