Sleeping monitor keeps being turned on when computer is locked


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I have the Logitech BRIO Stream camera for Windows Hello, and when I lock my PC it's already annoying because Windows Hello immediately recognizes and prompts to dismiss the lockscreen, but after a minute I can see from my couch that the screen has lit up again, and upon looking I can see the lockscreen says "Looking for you" and the BRIO is scanning for a face.


The annoying thing about it is that it happens constantly, or not at all. I am on Windows 10 21H2 with the latest updates.


On doing google searches some people have suggested it might be the optical sensor of the mouse being triggered by tiny movements, I have a Razer Basilisk V2 on a black mouse mat, it would be helpful I guess if there is a software that shows when the mouse is being active and logs the times (then I can check if it went active when the PC was locked).


I don't think powercfg -lastwake is helpful because that shows the actual unlocking.

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