SB Live on Windows XP

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What drivers should i use for windows xp for my SB live! value card? The default drivers are great, but i cant get surround sound to work! :( Grrr.... i have tried everything in control panel! Is there a registry setting or something?



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i got my sorround sound setup last week and the only way i managed to get it to work was to use winupdate! if u just go and download the new ms drivers for the soundblaster then it seems to work straight off.

I only had sound in winamp through two speakers but after selecting the drivers that it should use for output it worked a treat.

Good luck


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That's strange :s you see my SB 5.1 Live! card works perfectly with WinXp. All I did was to go to the sound area in the control panel and select surround.

Hope this helps :-)

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