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Yahoo mail flickering


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Anyone know how to fix yahoo mail flickering issue? I tried the following :


4 hr

I found a solution that seems to be working.  Chrome is the browser I use to access Yahoo Mail, and I went into the settings (the 3 vertical dots button) and changed the "Zoom" to 90%.  Yes, it makes the font a little smaller but it seems to have dramatically decreased the annoying "zoom in zoom out" problem that was driving me crazy.  Hope it works for you, too!


Please clear cache and cookies help with Delete history option.

Download this Ccleaner.exe to clear the cache of the browser.

Download this Flash_cookies_cleaner.exe to clear the cache of the flash player.

Reinstall the Flash player and Java.

Set your browser security settings as default click on tools → options → security → click on reset all zones to default level click on this option and make it default security settings (as per screenshot below).

Now Reset the Internet Explorer and then restart your computer once.

That’s it! The problem will be resolved.


None has worked. Any other ideas plz?



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Try disabling your ad blocker.

If you don't have an ad blocker, try installing an ad blocker.


You need to provide more information about the flicker. Is it the whole page, is it part of the page, are the colors flicking or are page elements moving around the page so fast it look like it's flickering, is it just the Inbox list or the message view that's flicking, etc.


Also try a different browser and list what browser add-ons/extensions you have installed.

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Maybe try disabling hardware acceleration? 

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Posted (edited)
On 09/03/2022 at 18:22, warwagon said:

Maybe try disabling hardware acceleration? 

it was iobit surfing protection extension

Edited by Bruinator
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