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If I Reset My W10 PC Do I Get To Keep All My Documents, Pictures, Downloads, And Music.


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Somethings gone wrong with my PC, and I'm looking at resetting, but I wonder if I can keep My Documents, Downloads, Music, and Pictures in their respective folders, or will I lose them?

Should I make a backup of things like bookmarks?

I'm not sure whats happened, but when I started the PC this morning, my VPN HotSpot shield failed to load with windows, I tried to open it manually by clicking the icon, and it started but had an error message "oops, something went wrong"

It usually means that it has to be started in the "Services" control panel, I tried that and noticed the service for that entry said "disabled" I right clicked it and got the message; "cannot find the file specified", I noticed that there were lots of other entries that also said "disabled". I've not noticed that before.

Anyway I've tried reinstalling HotSpot shield, and it works ok until I restart the PC, then it just doesnt load, so I'm thinking something has broken in the windows, hence the reason for doing a reset.

I should have time to do it over the weekend


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"Keep my Personal Files" should prevent those files from being removed.

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It also seems like you are a great candidate for System Restore, search for it in the start menu, you may have recent restore points you can go back to, and if you don't I suggest that you at least enable it, if you have ample room on your C drive for the restore data.




I used it, and was happily able to restore my system after Microsoft released a bum Patch Tuesday in May which hosed my system with BSODs.


If you can't restore than you can select to keep personal files with the Reset option.

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Yes, if you tell it to keep your files, but I would HIGHLY (as you should be doing already) recommend backing them up to an external device, regardless.

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Thanks guys,

I went for the "Reset This PC" option, and I'm back up and running.

Steve, I already tried system restore but gave up after 3 hours as the screen seemed to have frozen on "Initializing system restore" so I figured it wasn't working,

When I restarted a little popup appeared saying "no files were altered, the system restore was interrupted"

Yes +warwagon, I backed up all my files to an external hard drive.


Thanks again,

now to reinstall all the programs heh...


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In business, it's location, location, location.


For the Ferenghi, it's a contract is a contract is a contract.


For us geeks, back it up, back it up, back it up.


Never rely on the OS to save anything.

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