CS 1.3 Update and Half-life Update .... is here?

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Go to my homepage http://www.newsoft.vze.com/archive_09.html

or visit my homepage http://www.newsoft.vze.com

Then you go to Archive page in September find in subject call ":032"

I has been downloaded this update since 1 month ago....

and i think it is beta update from Counter-Strike 1.30 and Half-life or maybe not beta?

Because I don't know this information of this two files and I can't remember the website where i get from....

But I installed this two update on my machine.

It make a little different from CS 1.1 etc. HUD, GUI...

Try this to get it out and check it by your self....

I'm Thailand people.

I'm so sorry... I weak in english and I hope you maybe understood this massage

ThankZ!!!!!! :D

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