Add powered subwoofer as second subwoofer to existing PC / Logitech Z906 setup?

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My setup:
The SW-150 is sitting in storage doing nothing, so I was hoping I could add it as a second subwoofer to my PC.
The Logitech system takes up all three of the audio jacks on the motherboard, so I don't think I'll be able to add the SW-150 without getting a soundcard with more jacks but assuming I did do that, do you think it's possible to have the Z906 and SW-150 working simultaneously?
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First off, thank you for including links to the products and their respective manuals.

I looked at the page and the manual for your motherboard, and it seems it only supports up to 7.1 channel sound (the .1 refers to the number of subwoofers supported: one).

It might be possible to split the subwoofer signal from the pink 2.5 mm audio connector located on the back of the ATX shield with a Y splitter, with one cable going to the Logitech subwoofer and one going to the Wharfedale subwoofer.  I would suggest checking with Wharfedale and ASRock, though, to see if they have any specific guidelines for how to do this.

The other option, as you noted, would be to look for a sound card that supports 5.2 or 7.2 setups.  But if you are happy with the quality of the motherboard's onboard sound, the cable-only solution will be more cost effective.


Aryeh Goretsky

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