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Daniel F.

Usuarios de Internet han empezado a distribuir a trav?s de redes P2P e IRC lo que parece ser el c?digo fuente de Windows NT y Windows 2000, el cual ha sido filtrado por grupos an?nimos. La noticia fue difundida en primer lugar por el sitio wNeowin.net/b>. Le sigui? en tiempo IBLNEWS.com. Grupos hackers espa?oles nos confirmaron el hecho. Se desconoce si el c?digo corresponde en su integridad a Windows NT y Windows 2000 o es una acumulaci?n parcial. Microsoft est? investigando el hecho. Un portavoz de la compa??a afirm? que adoptar?n medidas jur?dicas contra quien haya podido sustraer el software, al tiempo que record? que "es ilegal difundirlo por Internet".

http://iblnews.com/news/noticia.php3?id=Rough translationranslation

user of Internet han commence to distribute from one side to the other networks P2P and IRC him which it seems creature the code fountainhead of Windows NT and Windows 2000, which it has been filtered around groups nameless. Her news it was diffuse first of all by the siege web Neowin.net. Him she followed at tense IBLNEWS.com. Groups hackers Spanish ourselves confirm the done. Itself ignore whether the code correspond to in her integrity to Windows NT and Windows 2000 or is one hoard unilateral. Microsoft is investigando the done. One spokesperson of the company afirm? which they'll adopt gauged legal against whom beech podium subtract the software, at the tense which she remembered which " is unlawful diffuse around Internet".

Her news of Neowin, liable too at numerous sites web , she says textualmente: "Neowin has learned of shock and potentially devastating news. It would appear that two packages are circulatory on the Internet, one being the source nudge to Windows 2000, and the other being the source nudge to Windows NT. At this take, it is hard to stable whether or not cheater nudge has leaked, and this will undoubtedly remain the situation until an attempt is skein to compact them. Microsoft are currently unavailable for comment surrounding this leak so we have not official she responds from them at the take of writing.

This leak is to shock not only to Neowin, but to the wider IT industry. The ramifications of this leak are far reaching and devastating. This newspaper report does not wish to be sensationalist, but the number of industry and nag systems that are flat around these technologies that could be lady by new exploits found non this source nudge is something that doesn't bare thinking about.

http://intertran.tranexp.com/Translate/result.shtml (translator spanish>>english)

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