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KDX Appearances

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abbaZaba    0

if there are any KDX users or people that use Haxial products, you'll like this thread. if you've never heard of these programs, then you'll wonder what the hell I'm talking about.

Haxial homepage

KDX homepage

I ported a bunch of msstyles to the Haxial GUI and I just thought I'd post here in case there were any KDX users out there.

CelShaded - original msstyle by KoL


download CelShaded Mac

download CelShaded Blue

Milk Redux - original theme for OSX by Max Rudberg


download Milk Redux

Voodoo - original msstyle by Duke


download Voodoo

here are some previews of some skins I have done but have not yet recieved permission to release:

Aluminum Alloy - original theme for OSX by Max Rudberg


Cube - original msstyle by t3h whistl3r


Digital Device - original mac theme by Joe Kohlmann



here is what I have planned for the next versions of my already-released appearances:


-port the green color scheme

Milk Redux:

-I am going to add the Milk OSX icons. they will replace the default icons on the main button bar. (connect, address book, commands, etc.)

Aluminum Alloy:

-going to add OSX icons

-port the other color schemes of the AA series


going to port the other 2 or 3 colors (like red, green, etc)


Going to port a few of the other color schemes in the visual style, like Light Blue, and some others.

so lastly, do you guys have any requests on visual styles I should port?

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cmove    0

Nice work (Y)

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abbaZaba    0

Digital Device added to the previews

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