HP CD Writer 8210e

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Any one got this and using WInXP

What software

Did you need new drivers??

Which one??


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I have precisely the same CD-RW (even if it is slow compared to todays models). What you MUST remember is that WinXP accepts most Win2K drivers. Goto (http://www.hp.com/cgi-bin/cposupport/swind...tWindows2000Pro) and select "Hewlett-Packard Record Now Software" (8.65Mb).

Once you have installed this, reboot and use software like: Nero / Fireburner / Adaptec etc.

Hope this helps :-)

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Couldn't get the windows 2000 drivers to work with this External CD burner. It will read any CD and even format a disc, but it won't burn. Have you actually got a CD to burn successfully because I haven't talked to anyone yet that's got this to work using windows 2000 drivers. HP said on it's website that the external burner will need a driver upgrade to work with XP, where as the internal burners should work without a driver upgrade.

The worst case scenario is we'll have to wait until the 25th of October when HP said they would provide us with updated XP drivers. Right now my burner is a paper weight until new drivers are provided. I'm not all that angry because I am impressed by Windows XP over ME by far and can surely wait another month for some drivers to work for the only thing that's not working for me in XP.

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