Stick drift on 2nd controller Warranty

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Anyone have an experience with Dual Sense controller stick drift and warranties?   Last Sept my wife bought me a PS5 with an extra controller and charging base for my Birthday, and one of the controllers now suffers from stick drift which I understand is fairly common.   I started the RMA with Sony online but am a bit concerned as their warranty shows 1 year if it came with the PS5.  But 90 days for other devices including secondary controllers (If I read that correctly from their site)   We didn't record which controller's serial number came with the console, so it's a 50/50 shot that it's the one which did.  I'm concerned that they will want to charge to repair the controller as it seems if not part of the console, it's 90 days only.



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Normally they would tell you when you open up the RMA that it's a chargable repair? (at least most vendors I deal with do).

If it doesn't state it when you open the repair then they should reach out to you prior to conducting any repair and give you the option of returning it unrepaired.  If they do you can follow one of the ifixit guides for it

Parts are cheap, can be had off of amazon, I did my joycons for my switch.

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Thanks!  No info was given to me about it being out of warranty or in for that matter.  I had to input the serial number.  We have less than a year on the purchase so I know it would be covered if they see it that.  I wanted to see before I dove into adding enough packing material to protect it during shipment and the costs associated with it until my next payday, since we pay for shipping to them.

Once/If it's out of warranty, I'll probably source out the replacement parts for it and do it myself after.   Too bad, it wasn't covered under my state's newly enacted Right to repair law (Oregon) which excludes game systems. 

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