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D-Link DI-704P Router. good / bad ?


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i hooked it all up and configured it.. seemed easy enough... well now i cant seem to connect. at the command prompt ive done a ping and it sees the router fine and the manual says cool that what you should see... when i launch a browser i cant connect..

any thoughts ?? am i missing something..

the manual is not that great and tells you to refer to the troubleshooting section... there isnt one... der..


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aight. got it up and running. played around with all the settings and cables.. thought it might be a crossover cable thing.. dont know but its working.. have both my XP and 98 boxes sharing DSL and one of my printers ( it came with a print server)..

next ill try the wifes laptop..

at times it was sketchy (web interface) but worked out. and for $30.00 im pretty happy. manuals could be a bit better and the support site is not that good.

the 704P has all its ports in the back, much better with the cables. it small and fits nicely on top of my DSL modem.

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