STOP: c0000218

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im using the eval 2600 winxp, i looked up in microsoft knowledge database, the software part of my registry just died or something. the last thing i did was install IIS. then a couple hours later i restarted and found this problem. any ideas on how to fix the file? thanks in advance.

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I have installed IIS and uninstalled it without any problems like that. What drivers RU using?


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yeh i was using RC1 on a pc and got this error msg - it wont startup even in Safe mode - i just get this BSOD after the loading screen:

'STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}

The registry cannot load the hive (file):


or it's log or alternate

it is corrupt, absent or not writable'

it's really annoying - lukily i was dual botting with 98SE.

the only change I seem to have done was to apply a scheme change in 'Classic' mode (i.e. I changed taskbar colours etc., the same way it was done in 9x/2000). And the next time i started up it was like that :s

thx for any help.............

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