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i have a .... sadly to say.... a second compaq MV540 moniter and i was wonderin if there was anyway to make it do *idealy* 1280x1024 .. in... im guessin 60 hertz? im lettin my friend use it and he wants to do mah res .. which is 1280x1024 .. and i wanted to know if anybody who has one .. has gotten it up to that high? its currently at 1152x864 60 hertz

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That would be pretty small on a 15"! :D

Have you tried PowerStrip,

It is a custom resolution program, it works better if you have a 3D graphics card though.

Good luck :)

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I didn't realise that PowerStrip could do that - me happy now :)

I was always under the impression that the graphics card had a big deal on the resolution, I'm currently at 1280x1024 on a compaq mv720 (17") with onboard graphics. I'm gonna' try the software to increase it :ninja:


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What res and refresh rate you can use is dependant on both the graphics card and monitor. Do you really need that small amount of extra resolution between 1152 and 1280? If it is an old cheap monitor then you are probably not going to reach that high anyway.

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