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How To Limit Downloads?



Ok heres my problem.

Im making a site, and need to be able to:

1. Create Accounts

2. Limit the amount of files a user can download.

I need a pretty simple step by step.

A FTP is not an option as the website will be on paid for hosting from a commercial host.

Any ideas apprecieated. Many thanks,

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what programming language???

1. Create DB

2. Have protected login area

3. Have download.aspx or download.asp or download.php

> This file adds 1 to a count in the db of files downloaded. The file also either a.) redirects a user to the file being downloaded (less secure) or b.) opens the file and outputs it with content type "application/octet-stream"

> The download.____ file would obviously not display the file to be downloaded if the user is not allowed any more dloads.

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quick question: how would you open the file and output it chunk by chunk (ie 512k each) with content type "application/octet-stream" in PHP? Thx!

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Hey guys thanks for the reply, they sound good (But I have No idea about any of it Lol).

Would anyone be willing to help me out setting it up, and ill try and sory ya out somethin for ya time ;)


MSN randomnut@ntlworld.com

AIM randomnutuk

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