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asy1mpo    0

if i have just installed winXp on drive C, and have formated d ready for win2k,

after installing how do i set it up so that i can choose which OS to boot into ??

I have done it before somehow and it worked OK - not sure how i did it - i just installed one OS and then another OS and that seems to work

Will i need to edit any boot order type file??

If so, how


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SlashDot14    0

As far as I know you cannot dual boot XP and 2k and if you can you would have to install 2k first.

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baphomet_irl    0

i would say that should definitely work,

ffs i tri-boot! eheh


use partition magic, then start the install to D: - it should work - althou it might make win2k ur primary boot - but it's not that hard to edit the boot.ini

hope that helps....

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Jon    5

I boot with 2k on my c drive, that was installed first, and devils own on my d drive, installed 2nd.

As they are both versions of NT 5 , I dont think the install order will matter.

And changing the boot order is easy, its in control panel> system > performance > boot options (If my memory is working right).

Or just edit the boot.ini file!


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baphomet_irl    0

yeh i forgot - xp has a nice boot configure thingy.......

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