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custom made cases

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radioboy    1

So I built this intercom for use on our stage this year, it's basically a power supply and some phone jacks to create an always on phone-circuit that you can use wired or cordless phones on... anyway...

I've had my media arts teacher plus a couple others express interest in me building one for them, so I was wondering if anyone knows of anyplace you can get custom metal/plastic cases designed cheaply, cause I'm thinking of making several of these to sell

The parts are a DC power supply (just the wire w/ the big block that goes into the wall), a resistor, a capacitor, a transformer, some phone jacks, and a terminal strip to hold it all together... so I only need something about the size of a shoebox or smaller for a reasonable price (under $100).

Metal or plastic will do. It doesn't nessecarily need to have cutouts for the jacks/power wire, but that'd be a plus

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Mr magoo    1

moved :)

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