This is why Linux is better

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Very nice response.

Why thank you ^_^

I was not expecting everyone to receive this as nicely.

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Linux is way back in Desktop Enviroment from Windows! But ofcourse they are a change and we must not ignore this! Also UNIX is very secure and simple! :whistle: (Unix is simple. It just takes a genius to understand its simplicity) If you want to use Linux don't annoy us with your thoughts about Windows. What ever you like you use!

Personally I believe that Windows XP is a very stable OS, so if you are using it only for surfing, gaming etc. then you may not need a format for 2-3 years and maybe more! In the other hand if you like experimenting with XP you might need formatting every month! :woot:

Finally: (LOL! I Like this one a lot!)

I entered the office and tossed my hat at the coat rack. It missed, hit the heater, and instantly burst into flames. That reminded me: I had some work to do in Windows.
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its down to personal taste, i dont like linux cuz you can spend years looking for rpms to make another program work. But some people mike like that.

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am not bashing windows... like I said. I like windows... if I like it.. why would I bash it???... and I have heard other people on neowin saying they re install their windows less or more than 6 months because it messed up or just under or just over a year. just annoying... thats all. nothing more

People tend to reinstall because they are messing with vital systemfiles... patching dlls, trying to remove parts of IE that shouldn't be removed, etc, etc. Microsoft has systemfile protection, but some people just bypass that and do what they want. That is fine, but you should also face possible consequences.

My old PC runs Windows 2000.... for 4 years already and it still works fine. Sure it slowed down a bit, but that is not Windows fault, but mine (installed and uninstalled too much). By the way, if you uninstall a program and the program leaves entries in the registry and stuff like that... don't blame Microsoft, it is the maker of the application who provided you with a crap uninstaller.

Anyways, I always had luck with Windows.... but maybe it is just because I know how to work with it and manage it.

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