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Well it's 12:54 AM in the US, and it's time for another dose of eye-candy desktops :D

April Desktops - 2004

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  • Visual Style: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).
  • Wallpaper: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).
  • Icons: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).
  • Programs: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).

Neowin recommends a home grown program, Neoshooter for taking screenshots.

Here's mine, April 2004:


Click for larger desktop :)

Video Version: [Video in WMP 9 format 2MB]


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- WindowFX is used for the window tiling

- DesktopX + Objects from the "Killer" Suite for the upper-right, lower-left, and lower-right displays.

- DesktopX for the nifty big-iconness

- Rainlendar

- SouLuna for WindowBlinds

- Reluna GANT for Trillian

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Very simple looking for now, I might change desktop later this month.

VS: AbyBlue

Wallpaper: Rose On The Dancefloor

Winamp: MMD 3

Y'z Dock: OneBlue

Rainlendar: Moderna


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same as last month - i can see myself sticking with this setup for a long time...

vs, winamp, trillian and bb4win skins: Opus OS suite, by b0se and others

wallpaper: grim, modded slightly from an image found at dev-art



normally all i see is the wallpaper and the blue bb4win bar at the bottom - i like to keep things clean

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Don't think I got anything incredible here... Its all publicly released stuff.

Wall: Another_Time.jpg

Theme: KoL's Panther 1.5 modified to have no borders.


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VS: Milk v2

Wall: Sony alien guy made by me

apps: dcolorxp, rainlendar, ghrone, hoverweather, coolmon, winamp5, quicknotes, trillian

original is 1280x1024, but i just posted a resized jpg so no one has to click to another place.


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first time posting on here :)

visual style - hmmXP

wallpaper - a lonesome fisherman at monash county (cant remember the site i got it from)

winamp skin - i-skin

recycle bin icon - xp i-candy by foood

samurize - made by me :)


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