Here is a test for you =P

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Make a folder on your computer on your desktop named Share. Then Share that folder to everyone on the internet in the properties. Enable your Antivirus software and sit

Apparently there a few worms that looks for common named folders that are shared. Now, don?t be alarmed, as long as you don?t open the file your ok. I just thought it was funny, because for the past 4 days I've been freaking out wondering why I kept getting the VBS.sorry.c virus. Come to find out, that virus does what I said and spreads itself to folders named "share".

This is a little heads up just in case you've noticed you've had the same virus. And also a fun experiment.

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Hmm... doing so would expose you to other dangers relying on NetBIOS.

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I think i'll pass, I have enough computer problems as it is without deliberately creating more.

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