[NHL] Lottery Draft Order

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1. Washington Capitals

2. Pittsburgh Penguins

3. Chicago Blackhawks

4. Columbus Blue Jackets

5. Phoenix Coyotes

6. New York Rangers

7. Florida Panthers

8. Carolina Hurricanes

9. Anaheim Mighty Ducks

10. Atlanta Thrashers

11. Los Angeles Kings

12. Minnesota Wild

13. Buffalo Sabres

14. Edmonton Oilers

Remainder TBD after playoffs

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Blackhawks should get a choice, public beatdown of the Wirtz family or number 1 draft pick, they'd probably take the beatdown, lol, DOWN WITH THE WIRTZ FAMILY, bring the playoffs back to Chicago.

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Here's the big question then...

Does Washington get to pick first again next year if there is no 2004/2005 season?

Or will they make all the kids, who would have been eligable in 2005, wait until the 2006 draft? That would result in a draft that was twice as thick as usual with Sydney Crosby topping the list to boot.

They better have a season just to avoid this problem! If I was GMing a somewhat cruddy team in 2005/2006 then I might be tempted to lose even more games for a better lottery spot.

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Man, the Hawks got the lowest pick that was allowed for their record. Just like the regular season, at the bottom again.

Hopefully they'll be able to draft someone that has promise and can play well with Tuomo. I wouldn't mind seeing them form a duo comprable to Chelios and Roenick (except for the trading part).

Damn Wirtz!!

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Yeah, but Tuomo isn't as good as he has been predicted. I watched many Hawks games, being from the Chicagoland area, and they are my second favorite team, behind the Avalanche due to the fact my Dad has season tickets. I've been around the Hawks for as long as I can remember, and this is getting ridiculous.

Mike Smith getting fired was great! Hell, we were at Johnny's Icehouse when the announcement came down, and half the people there were absolutely thrilled, but then we traded away Zhamnov and Sullivan, Zhamnov, I can see the reason, but Sullivan was their only decent scorer. He leaves Chicago and scored a hat trick his first game in Nashville.

Hawks need to trade up and get Ovenchik or whatever the mad Russian player's name is. He's stacked. They need to start pulling some moves, otherwise, all of us in Chicago better hope a billionaire comes along and offers Wirtz a damn good deal. Wirtz isn't ever going to let go of that team, what an idiot. He's losing money out the ass on the Blackhawks, why the hell keep them? Make all the fans happy, sell them to someone who cares.

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this may be a dumb question, but where can i purchase one of these lottery tickets? link please? :pacifier:

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