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Hey folks on Neowin...

I have a question about file-permissions in the new WinXP (I use the Pro-edition, corp.). I remember that in Windows 2000, you could simply (if the volume was NTFS, and it is) right-click it, and select permissions-tab. There you could choose which users that had access to the folder/drive.

But the problem is: Where did the permissions-tab go? Instead I find a "Sharing n' security"-tab. But it only has the option to "make this folder private", and even that option is unusable, since it is grey'ed out.

So: Does anyone know how to set file/folder-permissions in WinXP - or some other way that I haven't stumbled into yet?

Hope someone has the answer (And hope you understand the question :bandit: )...

// Sumokadet //

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Go to Control Panel, Folder Options, View tab.. uncheck "Use Simple File Sharing"

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