XP version numbers?

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:) Hello forum peeps

I was just wondering, what all these versions are floating around at the moment. Ive paid for the Windows XP Preview Programme, BUT i still have got nothing, I ring and email constantley and i either get ignored (emails get no reply) or i get told it will arrive next week (which it never does and its getting tiresome).

Anyway against my better judgement i decided to get it from a friend (come on, im paying ?17 to MS to get ignored).

So what are the versions that are floating around? IS 2600 the FINAL final? the one that will be installed on the PC's that will be shipping with XP? Im thinking of using this 'copy' as an evaluation (which is what i paid for, im supposed to be getting that final they said).

Anyway if someone could throw some light on the subject. Oh and is there really a CORP ISO or is it a cracked RTM? and what does the crack do? I assume it wont be a 'normal' copy of XP so updates wont work.

Im not talking warez here, im simply wanting to get what i have paid for.

Any comments helpful:ss

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yeah 2600 is the final RTM version number....

actually 2600.xpclient.010817-1148 as told by the winver command

and yeah theres a corp version and a OEM (dell version which means activation wont be required if you own a dell computer and happen to get this copy) version floating around...and theres a Eval2Corp patch floating around that you can apply and it will patch the evaulation copy to the final corp copy.

im not sure how the corp copy got leaked or if it is a cracked ver of the eval or not. all i know is ....mine works without a flaw ;)

theres also "devilsown" (one of the first groups that released a corp copy) RTM going around too so ya...

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There is also a "dell" version floating arround, but can only be install activation free on a "dell" machine that is

5.1 build 2600.0000 (no xpclient and stuff!!!)

so I have my doubts about "devilsown" version being the real full version.

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2600.1 2600.2 or so on is fake.. 2600 is final! Please correct me if I'm wrong on this, I'm not entirely sure...

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I have one of devilsown o/s's - Windows XP Professional Final Full:

Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpclient.010817-1148)

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im on thw WPP too, and i got sik of waiting for RC1 CD so i d/ld from conxion the breach was unplugged - it took me 14 hours lol.

eventually i got the RC1 CD about 3 weeks later!!! At this point RC2 was almost out in US ffs!

I think it's unfair how IRL and UK have to wait so long and are not allowed to d/l the builds. Also even our CD's arent as good as America's - they get a nice DVD style-box - we get the cheapest packaging available - one of those crappy paper sleeve things :s

I am now waiting for whatever they next send us, which is supposedly a 180-day eval of RTM. But tbh I have devilsown too cos im sik of waiting.....

btw devilsown seems to be fine to me - althou i do sometimes get some weird hangs, these r usually when i try to play old games in 'compatibility mode' thou

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