MLB All Access $30 for entire season!

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As you may know, has partnered with Microsoft to offer MLB All Access to MSN Premium users for free. MSN Premium runs $9.95/month, but if you sign up now, you get the first three months free! So that means that you will only have to pay for the final three (or four) months. MLB All Access is normally $19.95/month or $99.95 for the entire season when purchased through You can cancel the MSN Premium subscription at any time. You do NOT need to download the MSN software. In fact, I'm not even using Windows Media Player! Oddly, still gives you the option of using RealPlayer for all MLB.TV and live audio broadcasts. One advantage to using RealPlayer is that you can run it in a separate window. As you can see in the screen shot, I am running RealPlayer 10 Plus in Toolbar mode. (The screen capture cannot capture live video, which explains the blank screen. RealPlayer's toolbar shows that I am watching the Mets vs. Expos.

Current subscribers can sign in on this page without having to use MSN Explorer.

Sign up for MSN Premium here


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hmm, interesting. i'm gonna need something to watch the cubs game. i'm prolly gonna see if i can get wgn first...this is what i miss from home since i've moved to cali...

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