Windows XP 2509

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On your site before it went down it had a link to the patch 2509 where is that link??

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I think maxreboot has it.

m3dzone removed it? wierd.. and they removed icq 2001a too...

umm. electic or something has it.

let me check for you on my site...

damn. those download sites for the patch suck. I get like 2kb/sec on them and then they don't resume when I only had 5mbs to go so I stuffed them.

I'm gonna go get RC2 instead...

hey! It looks like a guy emailed me the links that he uploaded for me to a pub. check it out here:


u gotta copy & paste the link above or it doesn't work.

stupid spaceports protection..

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I get like 2kb/sec

I'll be damn lucky to get over 3.2kb/s :D

I mean I'm on dialup, and that's my transfer rate at some 'average' till 'fast' server

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