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Viewsonic P225F Monitor

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SaguratuS    0

Ugh, painfull memories come to mind when I have to move this thing anywhere.

On with the review!

Viewsonic P225F Revision 4


Price: $715 (MSRP), $600 (Pricewatch), $620 (NewEgg)


Size: 22", 20" Viewable

Dot Pitch: .24mm aperture grille, 90? deflection

Phosphor: RGB B22 medium/short persistence

Glass Treatment: ARAG

Frequency: Fh: 30~127kHz; Fv: 50~160Hz

Connectors: Signal 15-pin mini D-sub (high density), BNC x 5 (RGB HV)

Power Consumption: 160W (typical)

Dimensions (WxHxD): Physical 20.0" x 19.7" x 19.7" 500mm x 505mm x 511.5mm

Net Weight: 68.4lbs (31.0kg)

Gross Weight: 77.2lbs (35.0kg)

Warranty: 3 Years Limited


2048x1536 @ 79Hz

1920x1440 @ 84Hz

1856x1392 @ 87Hz

1600x1200 @ 99Hz

1280x1024 @ 115Hz


The overall image quality on this monitor is outstanding, however there are a few woes when it comes to the enthusiest.

I believe viewsonic has questionable standards and quality control, and you can get different results with each monitor from them. Some of the things I have seen:

Impure whites and colors, the screen is not uniform in color regardless of fine tuning.

Convergence near edges can either be excellent or very bad.

Sync is sensitive to vibrations - bang the desk, and youwill> see the effect on the monitor (consequence: you have to move your subwoofer down to the floor).

Verticle Impurities

The monitor is nice and bright, although it could be better. There are also 2 small wires going across the aperture grill to hold it in place, which casts a very small shadow on the screen, which is really only visible on whites (and isn't all that bad). One other common problem I've seen in many of these monitors are verticle impurities - basically some darkened lines spanning from top to bottom. These apparently only appear when the monitor has been on awhile, and Viewsonic won't do anything about them. They can be removed by banging the side of the monitor, but will appear over time. Once again, these are only visible on whites and lighter colors, and are typically not an issue.


The OSD has quite a few functions, including many more advanced / fine tuning functions. Unfortunately color impurities and convergence issues cannot be fully resolved with this.

You can choose a custom color scheme and position for the OSD, and is very easy to use. The monitor will also keep picture placements/sizing/tunings for every frequency (+/- 2hz) / resolution you use.

Resolutions / Frequency>

This is the nicer side of the P225F. The monitor can do up to 2560x2048, but this is unsupported by most video cards / software. Recommended resolution (unless you have some very good eyes) is 1600x1200 @ 90'ish hz. You can actually up the frequency past it's limit of 99 hz at this resolution, but you run the risk of damaging the monitor. For the most part, the monitor takes to custom refresh rates fairly well, with the exception of a few which will generate diagnal waves. The 24mm dot pitch is a prime aspect for quality, but viewsonic needs to establish better quality control for the inconsistancies.


The dreadful part of this monitor is knowing that you'll have to move it sooner or later. Although the specs only say 70lbs, it feels like much more, and it'll bend a fold out table significantly if placed in the center. The weight really becomes an issue when you need to get the monitor serviced, shipping it to viewsonic is by no means cheap, and it can cost you up to $150 with a box at the ups store.


I've seen a couple of these monitors simply go out, but it's not all too common. Also, I've had one where a request was put in to replace the aperture grill / fix the color inconsistencies, but viewsonic failed to fix these problems, although they did replace the aperture grill (the verticle lines ended up appearing a different place on the screen). Viewsonic includes a 3 year warranty, which is quite nice for such a large investment.

Overall, a great all around monitor, especially for gamers and enthusiests. The P225F comes with quite a hefty price tag unfortunately, but it's well worth it if you have the extra cash laying around.


Great Quality

Insane Refresh Rates

Very Nice Looking

Complex OSD




Color Impurities

Vertical Impurities

2 Faint Horizontal lines (Aperture grill wires)


Sags Score: 6.8>

Let me know if I forgot anything :happy::

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vip    17

awesome monitor ... i have one myself, but i like my viewsonic A90f+ alot better ... i think the picture is better .. and it has the ultrabright mode, which rocks the house!

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kombolcha    11

i still don't get this forum :wacko:

if i wanted could i post the reivews for my monitor? i'm not what the purpose of this is.

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vip    17
i still don't get this forum :wacko:

if i wanted could i post the reivews for my monitor? i'm not what the purpose of this is.

basically .. it's for just that .. reviews ... yes you can post a review on your monitor. It's a neat idea for a forum :D

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Pink Floyd    15

yep, I love the idea... you can know some new or older products you didnt know before...


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nXP_151    0

True and I think it's a great addition to Neowin forum! anyway nice review! thanks :)

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