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harmon/kardon HK 595

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kombolcha    11



Price: originally $150 now.. about $40


center, bass, vol, and treble control on the speaker

magnetically shielded

10 watts output (each satellite speaker)

40 watt output (subwoofer)

a wooden subwoofer

stereo and digital inputs on the subwoofer

it's still working since 1999 (5 years)


i've never ever had a problem with these speakers.

the only thing was when the fuse blew (my fault, had the volume up to the max) cost me a dollar to get a new fuse.


these speakers originally came with my DELL way back in 99 they still work just as they did when they were new. and just like most plastic it starts to discolor over the years. the original color was beige, but it was lighter than what you see in the picture. i think the only other color it came in was black.

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xufa    0

My cousin has the exact same speakers. He should've gotten the Logitech Z-2200 instead (or Klipsch ProMedia 2.1)!

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Joel    27

I have these at work. They kick ass. I'm thinking of trading my home ones for my office ones. :ninja:

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