WinXP Hardware Changed.

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I installed my windows xp on my 40gb western digital HD when I have 256 meg of SDRAM (2x128megSDRAM). I chose full format and it split the partition in two [C: 38921 and an unpartition 8 meg] Later, I took those two stick of memory out and installed 512 meg of SDRAM (2x256megSDRAM). My HD froze and dead. I tried reinstall windows xp and it wouldn't full format the HD. Its give me access error of the HD. I was wonder if windows XP utilize the unpartitioned space to write all the hardware information and if it changed, you can't install windows xp again (copy protection?).

Please help. I can provide more specific information upon request.

I ran western digital disk diagnostic and it gives me error 0207. Anyone know what that is?

Greatly Appreciate.

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More than likely your hard drive has just gone bad. And Win XP wont reinstall because your hard drive is not working enough for it to do so.

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Which means a replacement is required unfortunately.

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