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Logitech Z-3 Speakers

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null_    4

Sound Quality:

These speakers provide crystal clear sound and alot of bass, they don't crackle, and there is no distortion when you turn them up extremely loud. :)


These speakers have a brushed aluminum face, detachable grilles, and a wood finish on the side, which compliments many desks. The wired remote is a very nice feature, and includes the volume knob, power on/off button, and a headphone jack (good for night-time listening).


  • 40 watts RMS output power, with 80 watts peak power
  • Satellites: 2-inch aluminum phase plug driver
  • 8-inch pressure driver subwoofer
  • Nifty remote for volume control & power on/off. Also has a built in headphone jack :)
  • Removable grille covers
  • Satellites have a brushed aluminum face (when the grille is removed)
  • Bass volume control on the subwoofer

My Opinion:

These are extremely nice speakers considering the price, my only wish is that these had the bass control on the remote like the Z-2200's.


Price: $149.95 CDN, $99.95 USD

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Iain    0

Still quite expensive if you ask me, but then I'm quite happy just using my stereo for my sounds. Good review! (Y)

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Pink Floyd    15

nice infos, thanks

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