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If you dont feel comfortable without a "Resident Shield" type guard then this is not for you, but it can do everything else those GUI-overloaded AV programs (Commercial and Freeware) can do.

Originally a scanning engine for Unix mailservers, it has been ported to various platforms and the Win32 version has, since its' debut, continued a robust development path.

Current features include-

Right-click scan

Outlook protection

Scan Scheduler

Update Scheduler

Quarantine or Delete

and so on

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I've been using it for couple of weeks. But I still feel resident shield is really important.. espcially for ppl who use P2P and IRC client for transffering/dl'ing files...

otherwise its really good s/w.. maybe I'll put it permanently on my PC when they include a resident shield too :)

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WS togermano

thanks looks interesting AVG free one sucks because it can remove viruses in the system restore folder you have to disable it first :(

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I like AVG. Best I've ever used.

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