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(UK) Wanadoo changes



www.wanadoo.co.uk is as now the new freeserve for the UK.

but what have they actually changed.

So far ive only seen a slightly modified homepage design (red added)

A cap on broadband users (15gigabites in a month) unless you upgrade to 1mb so 30gigabites in a month.)

Other than that have they actually changed anything?

Its supposed to be a new and improved service to benefit the customer however I havent seen any changes worth mentioning, it may be the most bogus re vamp of a broadbadn service ever! Other than the offer of a 1mb connection

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I think it's just a big publicity thing and allows standidization across it's other european compainies.

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The cap isnt that bad compared to BT

But you cant beat PIPEX :D

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