NCAA to increase academic requirements

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The NCAA is going to impose a graduation rate threshold, which will vary by school beginning in 2006.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA approved a sweeping package of academic reforms Thursday that will penalize schools starting in 2006 if athletes perform too poorly in the classroom.

"This is the beginning of a sea change in college sports," NCAA president Myles Brand said. "Landmark legislation was passed to ensure each and every student-athlete has a genuine opportunity to receive a high quality education and graduate."

To avoid punishment, schools will have to stay above a still-undetermined "cut line" that includes graduation rates as one of the factors showing academic progress.

Brand said graduation targets for each school are being calculated. This fall, he said, each school will be notified "how much at risk it would have been" had the new standards already been in place.

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at least NCAA is saying enough is enough and finally doing something about it.

By raising academic requirements? I am thinking this will make matters dumb jocks will have to cheat harder to pass and stay on the team.

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