Copying drivers from Win XP Pro to Win 2K Pro SP-2

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Hi people !

I recently upgraded my computer from Windows 2000 Pro with SP-2 to Win XP Pro RC-2 build 2526 . Well, I've been using it for a while and I don't see the GREEEEEEAT reason about switching from Win 2K Pro to Win XP . I don't wish to wait until this trial version expires so I'm going to remove it from my computer and I'm going to re-install Win 2K Pro SP-2........The only thing I liked from Win XP Pro RC-2 was that it has newer drivers for my monitor , the sound and the modem . I'd like to be able to use them in my computer running Win 2K, I mean upgrading my drivers using the new ones that are on the Win XP RC-2 CD, but without upgrading my OS again ........Is there a way to do that without switching from Win 2K to XP????? I don't want to dual both either ...........

Any suggestions will be greately appreciated .


Specs : 256MB SDRAM PC100, Celeron 500MHz, 10.2GB hard drive

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I don't think that is a good idea (if even possible) because like many Windows 2000 drivers are incompatible with XP, the reverse will be even more true.

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