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Hosting behind ATT Cable Internet service



I am going to be getting ATT Broadband Internet in my area soon, and I have a site just about ready to go up. I have plenty of good computers, and the site itself won't be too busy, so I really want to host it at home on my own machine. The thing is, I don't know if ATT gives you a static IP or not, and I can't find out ANYWHERE on their site. Can someone fill me in? If they don't give you a static IP, can someone give me a recommendation on where to host this (cheaply)? Thanks!


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This is how ATT is in my area. Even though the IP address is assigned via DHCP, it is still considered static, since it doesn't change. It is bound to the MAC address of the NIC, so as long as you don't change the NIC, you shoud be fine. Especially if you never shut down the PC, you will ALWAYS get the same IP via DHCP. I've had the same IP for over two years...

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You can also get a re-directing url from www.dns2go.com that will run a systray icon. It will keep the redirect url pointing at your current IP even if you have a dynamic IP setup. Very useful for running an FTP or Web page.

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