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Im 12 yearas old it will be my 2nd year skiing. From my first year i ahev acomplished a 360 180 an ironcross tailgrab tweaked ( skies crosses behind your back grabing the end of one of them and pitching them back so the tops touch your helm almost) and a bunch of other grabs. I did all this on a pair of raceing skies :blush: . This year im gona ned a good pair of twin tips and im thinking of getting the rossignol- scratch pro teens. They are a full twin tip ski same thing as the rossignol scratch pro but smaller so its a pro based lvlel ski at a kids size. The reason i was able to do all that on my first year is beause im 8 miles from skisundown and i had a seasons pass. If i keep my grades up i get another seasons pass. Am i makeing a mistake buying the proteens? What do you recomend is a good pair for me?

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