[Poll] Best Dirtbike Comapny

Who makes the best?  

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  1. 1. Who makes the best?

    • Yamaha
    • Suzuki
    • Kawasaki
    • Honda
    • KTM

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I personally think Yamaha. McGrath probably the best rider ever chose Yamaha. And I ride a yammy, never went wrong. Suzuki's feel cheap when you ride them. Honda's ride horrible and feel like your riding a vacume, and also they break easily.

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i chose KTM cause i like orange and black. but ive really only ridden my friends honda xr100 and my other friends yz250 (balls fast 4stroke)

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1. Yamaha. Best ride I have had. Quite reliable and just so damn fast.

2. Honda. I won a lot of titles on the old '89 CR80. I was a big honday fanboy until I got a yammie.

Cant stand Suzukis, its like they were built to fall apart.

Kawasaki seems to be quite popular in MX, but I still dont like them, too slow. Friend has a 93' 125 and the CR80 I had owns it.

KTM's are only just starting to come big on the scene, and they have a lot of potential. The Australian Supercross Nationals, KTM finished the whole season 1-2.

Also Matt Schubring, the new Australian rider in the crusty demons team is a factory rider for KTM.

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