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How to make windows 98se bootable cd?


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Hi, i have the setup files of windows 98 2nd edition. i want to make it bootable and burn it on a cd. HELP!!!

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if u have it saved as an iso or any other type of packed cd.. make sure u burn "Disc at once".

(assuming this is a backed up windows 98 cd)

thats it..

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not all windows 98 cds sold by microsoft were bootable. i'm not sure if the same is true for the 'SE'...

Ummm, that is wrong.

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I've never heard of such a thing (booting from a win98(se) CD).

Everywhere I've worked we do it the following way...

  • BOOT the PC with a 95/98 BOOTDISK and press F5 (to skip directly to the prompt)
  • ASSUMING that you haven't formated the C: drive -- Format c: /s /q (for a quickformat and copy systemfiles to boot)
  • REMOVE the bootdisk and let your PC boot normally, you will end up in a prompt.
  • GO in C: and do md win98 to create a directory called win98 on the C: (c:\win98)
  • GO in your cdrom drive (cd d:) and enter the win98 directory (cd win98)
  • TYPE copy *.* C:\win98 and wait until its done.
  • AFTER go back to C:\win98 and type setup you will now enter the setup of win98

The reason why you copy the files to the HD first is for one simple reason -- whenever windows needs files to install anything drivers the setup files will be on your disk. No more asking for the CD since you installed it from there.


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