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Originally posted by Kibler  

I may be a british citizen but I guess I have been in America too long.....so wtf is a snog?!


Snog: French kiss with tongues.

I can see it now, bases are regional too, well here's what it is over here (Wales & England & Some Americans):

Base 1: Kissing :lick:

Base 2: Hanky Panky (hands under clothing :ditsy: )

Base 3: Oral (69 position , blow jobs, cunilingus...etc :o )

Base 4: Final base - SEX..! :rambo:

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Where I live, it's like this:

Base 1: Going out together

Base 2: Kissing / Snogging etc.

Base 3: Hanky Panky (you know what ;) )

Base 4: Any sexual experience (e.g. blow jobs, 69, sex etc.)

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