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- Messenger Disconnection Problems -



My friend has a DSL, and i've heard those disconnect often. ( i have cable modem myself, so i ono much about these things! ) .. But he has recently been experiencing problems with the messengers.

(AIM and MSN)

They are constaintly disconnecting on him at spontaneous moments..

- Some times it seems worse than others -

(It is only disconneting the messengers, not the internet itself.) << That is what has gotten me clueless... :huh:

I've told him to reinstall XP and see if that makes a difference, but i honestly dont feel like its going to do much good. He thinks it might be spyware, but he's ran adware 6, and spybot a few times but it doesnt seem to be making a difference. :(

If any of u guys have any suggestions, or possibly might know what is causing the disconnections, PLEASE let me know..!!

I dont know anything about this sorta thing .. :blush:

So if u know ANYTHING to help, It'd be much appreciated. :happy:


Britt xx

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